About Pei-Pei 美国房地产经纪人


Hello, my name is   Pei-Pei Tan.

您好!我是Pei-Pei 美国房地产经纪人, 感谢您于网上与我连接。以自身为屋主和房地产投资者的经验,我了解买房投资置产涉及的一切相关细节。无论您是第一次在美加地区买房地产或者您已是一位精练的投资者,我明白购买房地产是每位客户最重要的个人及财务决策。

我出生在台湾,于23岁离开台北,进入美国北卡罗来纳州立大学研究所攻读统计学和副修应用数学。1988年毕业于北卡州大,取得应用统计学硕士学位. 自1989年,任职于全球最大的统计软件公司SAS Institute Inc,从事统计软体研发。


Hello Everyone! Thank you for connecting with me. I am a licensed real estate agent in United States, fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English. As a homeowner and a real estate investor myself, I know first hand what is involved in investing in a home. Whether it’s your first time around or you are a savvy investor, I understand it is client’s most important personal and financial decision. 

I was born and raised in Taiwan. I left my hometown Taipei to Raleigh, North Carolina when I was 23 to pursue my graduate education in Statistics and Mathematics. I received my mater degree in Statistics with minor in Mathematics from North Carolina State Uuniversity. In 1989. I joined SAS Institute Inc., the world largest privately owned Statistical software company as a research statistician. 

Real Estate is my profession and my passion, I am here to assist you. Whether you are planning a local move across town or even a long-distance relocation, looking for rental property, vacant land, commercial, or business investment property. I am here to help you. As a Realtor, I work with people every day going through the buying and selling process. So I want to make certain that your next move is a positive and smooth experience. The Keyes Company cooperates with over 550+ quality broker affiliates in identifying the needs of buyers and sellers for properties throughout the United States and in selected international locations. We only work with the most qualified real estate partners, so I would love to put you in touch with our Relocation & Corporate Services department who will in turn connect with our expert broker in your area. There is no extra charge for our services, so the next time you get ready to list or buy, please contact me: